Pure Heart

“The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and an unfeigned faith” – Paul the Apostle.  “Blessed are the pure in heart” – Jesus.  “When we see him, we will be like him for we will see him as he is.  He who has this hope purifies himself just as he himself is pure” – John, The Beloved Disciple.  

Three testimonies from three separate sources promoting a pure heart as a worthy ambition.  It behooves us to ask ourselves just how closely we can approximate this high ideal of a pure heart.

Our natural reaction to such a lofty ideal is to dismiss it as just a super spiritual utopian ideal.  What if it is not?  What if it is an attainable, practical ambition of any reasonable man, woman, or child?

To put this issue in sharp relief, let us contrast it with the alternative.

What if a friend or family member of ours decided that he was going to settle for a heart or life that was 90% pure?  Wouldn’t we naturally wonder why they didn’t muster a little more courage, and go all the way and aim for a perfect heart?

We might concede from the outset that absolute perfection in thought, word, and deed for all of time is not a real possibility.  We must allow that somehow, some way, some day we may stumble in life.  So, maybe a pure heart does not mean moral, spiritual, or physical perfection.

Maybe it means that we do our best to worship God alone and that we are vigilant to guard against the encroachment of idolatry in our often fickle hearts.  Without falling prey to perfectionism, we can aim at whole hearted, pure worship of Our Heavenly Father and be sure we are on solid ground.

— Brad Heilhecker