Dry Places Prepared Her To Reign

She can tell many stories 

of pain and betrayal

Rejection and lies

Humiliation and losses 

Yet she prefers to tell the 

story of a faithful Father who 

only has good plans for her

Oh how the enemy sent

attack after attack

Distractions and sidetracks 

Roadblocks and detours 

To steal her future hidden 

in Papa

She knew Papa only had 

good plans for her

All she had to do was 

follow His lead

Lean into Him through 

the highs and the lows

Cling to Him through the 

storms and the winds

Hide in Papa till the dark 

clouds passed 

Like Joseph she was thrown 

into a pit many times

Like David she tended to 

sheep away from the crowd

Like Ruth she was mentored 

to be faithful and obedient

In the midst of her pain

In the midst of her challenges Father required high character 

of her

The dry desert seasons 

were painful yet crucial

It stretched her

It broke her 

It forever changed her

The dry places prepared her 

to reign 

She is leaving the desert 


She was tested and found 


Dry places no longer her home.

—Ebigale Wilson

Dry Places Prepared Her To Reign