Balanced Life

To be happy, we must live a balanced life—equal parts work, play, rest, worship, and prayer.  We are not one dimensional; we are equal parts body, soul, and spirit.

We must exercise our bodies with work and rest them with sleep; we must develop our souls with relationships, and exercise our spirits with prayer and worship.  We need both life disciplines and free form recreation, both routine and serendipity.

It’s not easy, nor does it come naturally to stay balanced; we tend to lean one way or the other—all play or all work, all rest or all stress, all relationships or excess isolation.

We desperately need The Spirit’s help to keep our life both disciplined and fun, both productive and restful. Like any good parent, Our Father keeps his eye on us and guides us into all of his truth, both the hard truths about the human condition and the inspirational truths about his undying and everlasting love for us.

The secret to a balanced life seems to be to determine our priorities early on and then to let all the peripheral and incidental aspects of life find their place after the important issues have been settled and our life is stable.  Has our eternal destiny been explored and determined?  Has Christ’s claim to deity been given due consideration?

Have we discovered our role in the building of the kingdom?  Have we found a nurturing family?  Once the foundational issues have been settled, then we are free to develop all the beauty and diversity of a life well lived, replete with healthy relationships, rest, recreation, and productive work.

— Brad Heilhecker