Your One Constant

When nothing makes sense

Your journey derailed 

yet again

A roadblock

A detour

Another setback

No hope in sight

Your emotions run wild

Look up

Lock eyes with Papa

Till His presence 

overwhelms you

Quiet your every 

negative emotion

You will find that a peace 

that surpasses all understanding really exists 

As Papa’s love flows like 

billows into your life

Taming your wild emotions 

Leaving you breathless 

Transporting you to heavenly 

places where the Prince of 

Peace lives

His hand was always at 

work in your life

Every setback 

Every disappointment 

Every roadblock

Led you to a beautiful place

You have grown and glean 

from desert places

Do not turn back now

You will again leap and dance 

Go into His perfect rest

He knows how to calm 

your raging heart 

He is in control

He knows what He is doing

In the midst of chaos

In the midst of unanswered prayers

In the midst of attacks

rest in Papa

Look around

Count your many blessings

You have so much to 

be thankful for

Hidden gems all around

Papa your One constant

Hold on to Him

When the time is right

Father will bring the victory!

—Ebigale Wilson

Your One Constant