Sound Of Peace

It’s quiet around her

Oh she loves the sound 

of silence

The sound of peace

She is finally home

Where she belongs

The voices in her head 

are no more

The beating of her heart 

has subsided

No more anxiety

No more fear

Papa healed her every 

soul wound

He removed every scar

His blood washed away the 

debris of her past

She is a new creation 

Deeply loved and restored 

by a King

She paid every price Papa 

asked of her

Through her pain and hurt

she remained faithful 

She visited many valleys 

Found herself in many storms

Papa remained faithful

He turned her mourning into dancing

She traded fear for faith

Anxiety for peace

She does not visit her past 


Jesus removed every painful memory

She paid her dues

She is free at last

Overcome by gratitude

More in love with her King

For long was the journey, 

but she is finally home

Oh she loves the sound 

of silence!

The sound of peace!

— Ebigale Wilson

 Sound Of Peace

The Journey