100 %

We don’t need to save 100% of the world; we just need to let God save 100% of us.  We will not be happy until we know that God has 100% of us and that we have 100% of God.

It is the nature of passionate love—halfway or half hearted just doesn’t satisfy. Fortunately, in Christ, provision has been made for the satisfaction of this love of a lifetime.

When we covenant with the Father through faith in his Son, he gives us all of himself; he himself comes to live inside us.  For our part, true faith in his Son is a full surrender of our hearts in which Christ becomes our very life.

Christ in us and us in Christ—no more perfect covenant has ever been made.  This is not a contract that can be abrogated by whim or fancy on either side.  Our Father thought long and hard before entering into this relationship with us, and it was with full conviction that we agreed to his offer of life.

Just as in any relationship, the bond may be severely tested, but this is a true love that we have been given, and nothing in this world or the next can break this bond.  Tests and trials only serve to increase the reality, strength, and beauty of the relationship.

100%. Heart and soul. In for a penny, in for a pound. Time and eternity in perfect complementary relationship.

A royal agreement backed with all of the power and authority of the throne. The vicissitudes of life are as nothing when contrasted with the immutability of heaven; we are on solid ground indeed. We have only to wait for our full adoption as sons—when this mortality puts on immortality—when death is consumed by life itself.

Waiting was never so sweet.  Hope was never so sure.  Life never had so much meaning.

— Brad Heilhecker