Whose You Are

We often are consumed with who we are, and this pursuit is not without worth. But maybe a more soul satisfying endeavor is to explore whose we are, for if we will do this, who we are will miraculously appear and cast away all doubts.

The fact is that, by ourselves, we are not much, just a bunch of flesh and bones and nerve signals firing here and there. However, when indwelt and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are a sight to behold as we learn to worship, pray, praise, and minister in the name of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We have been given so much more than a new name; we have been given a new life, a life that will never end.

We now have a new family, a new future, a new power, and a new purpose. Our old natural life grows dimmer by the day as we learn to live and breathe in the stratosphere of our new celestial home. Now, Jesus is our best friend; his Father is our Father, and the Holy Spirit is our guide, Counselor, and companion.

We have been given a new retirement plan unlike any on earth. We will each have our own eternal mansion, 24/7 access to the King of Kings, and unlimited time and opportunity to explore all of the mysteries of time, space, and eternity.

Infinity will no longer be a concept; it will be our reality.

Not only that, but once in Christ, we are his, and he is ours. Everything that belongs to him is now ours. Once we grasp this, who we are is put into perspective. We are no longer on our own, floundering about looking for a rhyme and reason to live.

As we fix our spiritual eyes on Christ, we see our reflection in his eyes. And we never looked so good as we do when he reflects us and we reflect him.

It is a cosmological phenomenon.It is a mystery, yet it is a fact. It is almost surreal, yet it is absolutely real. It is beyond description, yet it is explained fully in God’s word.

Life eternal, life abundant, and life itself have now been given to us.

Death is now just a portal to immortality; suffering is now just a training ground for Godliness, and time is now just a gift we employ to reap eternal rewards.

Christ in us, and us in Christ. It is a perfect circle – life without beginning or end!

—Brad Heilhecker