Freedom In Grace

“May God by his power bless every good purpose of ours and every act prompted by our faith.  May he fulfill all the good pleasure of his goodness in us that Jesus may be glorified in us and we may be glorified in him” – 2nd Thessalonians, Ch. 1.  

We are not robots or computers; we have minds, wills, and emotions, and Our God expects us to use them.  We can think about what we would like to do, analyze how we feel about it, and then choose our course of action.  It takes time and tremendous effort, but it far excels the alternative which is to have someone else dictate our actions—even Our God.  

God will always tell us what we need to know whenever we have reached an impasse and the way forward is obscured.  However, even then, he expects us to use our minds, wills, and emotions as we act on his promptings.

We are free creations.  Our God made us this way, and he is adamant that we embrace our freedom and learn to live in it.  He desires our free will worship.  He cherishes the times that we come to him voluntarily and sit at his feet.

He lives to pour out his heart and mind to us and watch us grow into his likeness as we freely choose to walk in his ways.  If we decide to passively wait until God decides to override our wills and make us obey, then we are in for a miserable experience—a joyless life.  

The joy in life comes when we learn to walk in faith and love, even as we place all of our hopes in God. How much joy would a parent have in a child who decided that it was easier being carried around, so they decided not to learn how to walk?

Yes, there is freedom in grace. Time to grow, room to breathe, and all of the assistance that we need as we make our treks to the promised land.

Let us not mistake Our God’s quiet and gentle ways as indifference or impotence. He moves mountains with just a whisper. He lifts his voice and demons tremble. And he is absolutely determined to make us like himself.

Come hell or high water, he is prepared for all contingencies, and so can we be if we learn to wait on him and work in partnership with his Holy Spirit.

Together, we will scale the heights, cross deserts, swim oceans, and live forever in a utopia heretofore only imagined!

— Brad Heilhecker