Playing By The Rules

It seems children are sometimes more aware of the rules of life than adults can be.  Watch them as they play games and as they pay close attention to the rules of the game and keep others informed of the rules.  

As adults, we learn to play by some of the rules.  E.g., “Work hard, or lose your job”, or “Stay faithful, or lose your marriage,” or “Obey the law, or go to jail.”  However, adults and children can both fall victim to the lure of chaos – “No rules but mine; no law but mine.”  It is intoxicating for a time to be our own God and to watch and see how many people we can draw into our kingdom.  

However, chaos is a harsh taskmaster in the end.  Dictators and rebels make for very poor traveling companions in the final analysis.

The only alternative is to actively seek out God’s rules and ordinances for all of life. We know that they are there, but we also know that learning and applying them to our individual lives will call for strict discipline and training, and we are tempted to put off the inevitable submission to The Almighty as long as possible.

We can get away with our own life designs and devices for a time, but, inevitably, judgment day rolls around, and we are faced with the consequences of our choices.

Many times we see our self centered scenarios go up in smoke as the fire of judgment tests them for lasting qualities.

The beauty of life is when we are allowed to see the fruit of our decisions which were based in humility and the fear of the Lord.  

To realize joy and peace, to see our family and friends blessed and happy, to know that Our Heavenly Father is pleased with us—these are the building blocks of a happy life.  Learning to play by the rules is a difficult and time consuming process, but it is a precious and firm priority in kingdom living.

Ultimately, it determines not just our earthly rewards but our heavenly inheritance as well.  Let us know that God’s word stands firm: “A man will reap what he sows.”  And, “There will be eternal life to those who by persistence in doing good seek for glory, honor, and immortality; and wrath and anger for those who are selfish, who reject the truth and follow evil” – Romans 2:7,8.

— Brad Heilhecker