We Laid It All Down

We entered Your presence

lost and confused

At the end of ourselves

Nowhere to turn

Bound by many chains

Hurt etched on our faces

Mouths filled with pain

You asked us to trust You

To bring our baggage as 

an offering before You

It would be easier to cling 

to it…..

We didn’t

We laid it on Your altar

You had Your way…

Our deepest shame

Our deepest pain

Our open wounds

Our unhealed scars

Our shattered dreams 

We laid it down

You took it all!

Our messes

Our mistakes 

Our wilderness wanderings

Now testimonies

of Your redemption power

You alone restored our lives

In awe of You…we find our 

way to everything You have prepared us for

There was purpose in our 

trying and painful journeys

Everything is falling into place

The puzzle is almost complete 

As sons and daughters leave 

the desert behind

We give You the honour 

and glory for turning our lives around! 

— Ebigale Wilson

We Laid It All Down

The Journey