True Humility

Humility may have many faces, but one aspect of humility unique to Christianity is the revelational  knowledge that no good resides in ourselves—or in our “flesh” as the apostle Paul calls the natural man.

This is a hard truth to digest unless it is taken along with the corresponding truth that we have been declared absolutely holy and blameless in our Father’s eyes based simply on our heart’s trust and reliance on Christ’s righteousness being credited to our account.

There is great freedom in this revelation, for it means that we no longer have to prove ourselves as worthy of love or spend our lives striving to leave our “mark” on this world.  We can spend our time and energy serving Our Lord and Master, and leave this world to its own devices, for it is written that this world is under the control of the enemy of God (1 John 5:19).

Certainly, we want to leave blessings wherever we go and make disciples whenever possible, but we are not responsible for “changing the world.”

The apostle Paul wrote to the Romans that eternal life (which is “knowing God” – John 17) is bestowed on those who by persistence in doing good seek for glory, honor, and immortality (Romans 2:7).  So, seeking glory, honor, and immortality is a good thing if done hand in hand with our submission to Christ.  “May God by his power bless every good purpose of ours and every act prompted by our faith that Jesus may be glorified in us and we may be glorified in him according to the grace of God and the Lord Jesus Christ” – II Thessalonians 1.

— Brad Heilhecker