Faith Without Works

The apostle James wrote that “Faith without works is dead.”  And the apostle Paul is widely known for his prolific works and writings.

What was the secret of their success?  What would they have us learn from their lives and teachings?

Chiefly, the lesson is that mere mental assent is not true Biblical faith.  The faith that Jesus desires inherently contains works.  E.g:  I believe that God loves me, so I am going to love him; I believe that the Bible is the word of God, so I am going to study it;  I believe that the church contains God’s children, so I am going to be a part of it.

Jesus also emphasized good works in his parable of the talents.  The man who received a talent to steward and did not put it to work received a verdict of condemnation for his unbelief.   It was his wrong belief that convinced him that he should bury his talent instead of utilizing it so that it would produce something useful for his master.

The other group that was condemned by Jesus was the group that did not minister help to Jesus because they failed to realize that helping the needy was helping Christ himself.

So, let us be sure that the faith we profess is a living faith, an “unfeigned faith.”  When Jesus says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all of your needs will be met”, let’s believe him and seek first his kingdom in our lives.  Let’s make sure that we are well acquainted with his word, his will, and his ways.

Then, when we stand one day before him in the judgment of our lives, we will be able to say unashamedly, “I was crucified with Christ, buried with him in baptism, and I lived my life by heartfelt trust in his word and his ways.”

— Brad Heilhecker