He Healed Her Heart

She walked around the 

same mountain going 


Went to church, but 

she was still bound

Peace; a foreign word to her

Anxiety and fear followed 

her everywhere 

Her past was etched 

on her face

Everyone she met tasted

a part of her pain

Was this the legacy she 

wanted to leave?

Going in circles nowhere

Depressed, angry, hurt..  with no hope in sight

Repeating the cycles of 

previous generations and 

never tasting peace

She longed to taste just a 

glimpse of His perfect peace

Longed for the day 

every battle in her mind 

would seize

Was there really a peace that surpasses all understanding?

Could she really go into His 

rest and dwell there?

After trying to lure her 

for years

Father came crashing on 

the scene

She did not know the 

many times 

He tried to get her attention 

She didn’t see Him

She was too busy trying 

to mend her broken heart

Fighting her own battles

While He waited to do what 

she could only dream of

She released her whole 

existence into His hands

Every heartache

Every broken part

He made something beautiful 

out of her waste places

He calmed her every storm

She is finally where she belongs

His perfect peace now her 

dwelling place

Anxiety and fear unknown 

words to her

He healed her heart

Made something beautiful out 

of her once broken life

She is so in love with her Father! 

— Ebigale Wilson

He Healed Her Heart

The Journey