Tzizits and Healing

Today I want to link you back to a daily blog I have started. Back in April I decided to begin in the book of Matthew and use a few verses a day as a devotional. When I can, I explain Hebrew/Jewish insight that I hope brings clarity to the passage. I share the link daily on my FB wall, but wanted to give you as readers the opportunity to read along as well.
The link below should take you to one about the woman healed by touching the “hem” of Jesus’ garment. It is always one of my favorites because of a site in Israel called Magdala that has an amazing painting depicting this scene. I’m trying to find the picture and it is proving to be difficult!
This writing is actually a bit longer than most of them, but I hope you will take time to explore the blogs and catch up on the book of Matthew. Most are short and an easy read. Thanks for following along on this journey with me. Praying it is a blessing to you.

Shabbat Shalom,Rose

This is a link to a devotional book I put together. Most of 2019 I was using a verse a day and writing about it. Often I had a short video to go along with it. I finished the writing project late 2019 and published it on Amazon.

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