Church Show Yourself

Anoint us with Your 

fragrant oils

Let it flow into our 

bruises and scars

Heal the wounds in 

our hearts

Calm the voices in 

our heads

Darkness is covering 

the earth

Deep darkness the people

Many left wounded 

on the battlefield

Fighting enemies they 

didn’t see coming

So many losses 

So many questions

So many lives left 

in ruins

Give us this day our 

daily bread

Teach us to forgive  

Father would You 

search our hearts

Quiet our fears as we 

walk through the valley 

of the shadow of death

Lead us beside still waters

May we never forget 

that You are for us!

Let the church arise 

in this hour

Let her voice be heard

Sound the alarm of a 

good, good Father 

who never slumbers nor sleeps

Hard pressed on every side, 

yet not crushed

Struck down, but not 


Arise Bride of Christ

The glory of the Lord is 

risen upon you

The brokenhearted are 

in need of healing

The captives need to

taste freedom

The poor are hungry

Lives are turned up side 


It is time for the church to 

show herself

She will be known by her 

heart not her gifts

Her time of hiding is over

A wounded and hurting world

is waiting for God’s sons and daughters

to arise!!!

— Ebigale Wilson

Church Show Yourself