Pause In His Presence Part 7

“When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I…” – Psalm 61:2

Go Up Higher!

I have always loved this verse in Psalm 61.  How often does my heart feel overwhelmed in this crazy, beautiful world?  Do I always go straight to that high place, or do I often wallow in my feelings and struggle to see clearly?  It’s been a long, hard journey, but I think I’ve finally learned to climb up into the lap of the Father when I feel that tormenting sense of anxiety that overwhelms me.

In reading this verse this week, I was reminded of a dream that I had a few years back while I was in a season of feeling incredibly overwhelmed.  In the dream there was a great warrior who had won many victories.  He finished one battle and then rested for a time, and yet when it was time for him to move along again, he found himself up against quite a large, dark forest.

The forest was thick and the foliage allowed for very little light to seep through, and even the look of it caused the warrior a bit of angst and weariness.  The warrior had no idea how he would ever get through that thick, overwhelmingly dense forest – but he knew that it was something that he had to do.

Soon in the dream, the warrior took a step back, only to find that to his back was a very high rock, nearly as high as a mountain.  The warrior thought that at least if he climbed the rock, he could find a safer place to rest until he gained the courage to enter and go through the dark paths that lay ahead.  So, he began to climb, higher and higher, and what happened next was amazing.

The warrior climbed to the top of the rock, and found himself seated in a spot that allowed him to see from a much higher perspective.  From the high rock, he could see that the sun was actually rising, and the colors were glorious and warmed his heart.  He could see that the forest was much smaller than he had observed from the ground, and that there was actually a path that ran right through the middle of all the tress and it was more well-lit than he previously thought.  He could see that there was nothing sinister in the forest, and that a river with refreshing water was just past the tree line toward the back.  

Up high, in the glow of the morning sun, the warrior was able to gather strength and courage to continue his journey and eventually make his way confidently through the forest path.

Wow…what a picture!  I think of this dream often, especially when I read Psalm 61:2.  The Bible calls us “more than conquerors” (Romans 8:37), so when we find ourselves face-to-face with a perspective that seems to overwhelm us and make us feel the opposite of who we truly are, we can turn to our Lord and our Rock and climb up high into His lap!

We can stop, pause in His Presence, and know that His perspective is actually much different than ours.

Up high, we can regain our confidence, regain our peace, and move forward with great courage because we know that the Lord has lit up paths in the darkness for us.

Therefore, when my heart is overwhelmed, I will climb up high and rest – in confidence – with my loving Father who is in charge of the whole landscape.

— Mandy Woodhouse

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