Total Surrender

There is a moment of quiet surrender in every storm. A hush as the whispers quietly breeze through the leaves. A steadfast resolve with roots planted deep, to be unmovable by the winds and rain that will soon rage again.

There is a pause when the noises thundering around you cease. The whisper of love brushes against your ear and the kiss of peace is planted on your cheek.

That place comes with a fierce determination to see things through Gods eyes. An unshakable, gut-turning desire to show and be love to the dark that threatens the world around you. That place is typically found on your knees.

When you get your knees under you, the sound of your breaking heart isn’t so loud.

When you get your knees under you, the strongholds start to break.

When you get your knees under you in total surrender, the truth can be seen clearly. Forgiveness can be easily given. Grace can be extended past lengths that seem to be too far.

Maybe, it’s not about the storm strengthening you, maybe it’s about total surrender to the King of Kings.

Change your view and maybe you can change the world.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

~ Corinna Sharp