No One Ever Cared For Us Like Jesus

I can see that she has 

been crying

Swollen eyes

Tear stains on her cheeks

Yet she is putting up

a brave face

I ask her how she is doing

“Good” she softly replied

Avoiding eye contact

Looking through

Father’s eyes

I see the weary look on 

her face

Many questions in her eyes

She is at the end of herself

This is trying times for many

In the background “No one

ever cared for me like Jesus” comes bursting through 

the airways

The warmth of Fathers presence instantly fills 

the atmosphere

It’s like a light has been 

turned on over her face

The battle she has been 

fighting instantly lifts 

As Father’s glory 

covers her face

She is transported to a 

heavenly place

Lost in His presence

Tears of joy replace the 

fear in the atmosphere

We are reminded that 

Jesus was always there

He walked us through 

every trying season

His love sustained us 

in every valley

He was our anchor 

in every storm

Like the woman with the 

issue of blood

We will lay our different 

issues before our Papa

We will hold on to the 

hem of His garment

Till His supernatural 

power brings change in 

our natural situation 

He always has!

He still will!

We are never alone!

No one ever cared for us 

like Jesus!

— Ebigale Wilson

No One Ever Cared

For Us Like Jesus

The Journey