Walk Into The Fire

Now is the time to rise from our rest

To rise up stronger & pass the test

Walk into the fire

Let’s build something new

Get our lives restyled

Change our point of view

Be spontaneous & wilder

Release passion untamed

In glorious disorder

Energy unrestrained

Crazy & unplanned

Drop out of the chorus

And play with the band

Be feisty & fiery

Frantic & furious

Embrace the unexpected

Be blown by the wind

Wherever it take us

With love in our hearts

Intense & reckless

We will climb higher

Than ever before

Seeing new vistas

That stir & inspire

We’ll capture our dreams

Motivate & create

New connections

Restyle our lives

Cross over mountains

Tame raging seas

Let us be the pioneers

The explorers

The emotional engineers

That unite hearts & minds

With the intensity

The amazing creativity

In our desire to walk onwards

In the fire of love.

(c) Peter E Edwards

Walk Into The Fire

Apr 2020 all rights reserved @Seed4heart

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