One With You

When my world caved in 

around me

When I couldn’t find my 

way through the dark

Taken captive by my pain

Enemies encircling me

Rejoicing over my plight

You stepped in

You always appeared 

on the scene

Every low point

Every dark night

Every battle 

You have helped me to fight

When you drew me away 

to my unique wilderness 

I did not want to stay

My weaknesses were 

known to You

My every wound

My every fear

It did not scare You

You walked me through 

my every high and 

my every low

When I wanted to give up

You would not let me

I would rest at times

to catch my breath

Healing and growth were 

all new to me

You waited patiently 

You were right there

You did not leave my side 

for a moment 

I found my worth the more 

I leaned into You

Every storm you calmed 

in me

Every fear has disappeared

Every painful memory You 

have erased

My heart is free to love 

like You do

You beautify Your bride

in the wilderness

You bath her in myrrh

Till You see Yourself 

in her

Anoint her with oil

Till she smells like You

Then like with Esther, You 

extend Your favour to her

Coming out of the wilderness

She is One with You

All the glory

All the honour

All the praise

I lay down at Your throne

Till I breathe my last breath

I will be in awe of You Jesus!

—Ebigale Wilson

One With You

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