Author Spotlight – Meet Erika Ruiz

Erika lives in the city of Silver Lake CA. A former teacher and daycare provider, she began to write books two years ago after noticing she kept sending parents to the library to pick up a book of a subject on what they were facing at home.

She realized she should just write her own books and explain it herself.

Now, 7 books have been birthed on real life challenges that children face.

You can find them on Amazon, kindle, Lulu, ingrams sparks, Barns and Nobles and her website Little Cositas Explore Here

Check out her You Tube channel for more information on her books and Strong Family Publishing.

Links to Amazon to purchase books👇🏻:

24 thoughts on “Author Spotlight – Meet Erika Ruiz

  1. I have never seen books like these. I’m sure many families and children will benefit long term with these books making society much better than the past. Great job I salute you .

  2. I took sometime to follow the story a strong family bond. The willingness to tackle such tough issue is important in the modern era. I was adopted rather young but I had never thought what it might be like for someone a bit older. Great job

  3. Really I’m very pleased to her for her awesome writing about children. Her writing skill is great that I can’texplain in words. It’s very helpful for a children. Hope she will write more books again. Thank you very much .

  4. Love these books ! Wish there were books like these when I was growing up glad I came across these . Situations that should be addressed and she’s not scared to address them and I love it ! Get your books ❤️

  5. I have purchased and read all 7 of Erika’s extraordinary children’s books and found them spectacular! The illustrations are lifelike and the stories are accurate portrayals of real situations that people experience explained in perfect age appropriate terminology so that a child will easily understand. The books are perfect in that if a parent wants personalize the story line to insert say Dad and Child’s name, it is easy to do so! Erika takes some complex topics and conveys them in easily understood terms! I highly encourage all books to be read if pertinent to your family!


  7. Wonderful books that I’m going to have my granddaughter, my niece, nephews and recommend to other people.

  8. Very valuable book for every child .and her very kind author.enjoy read her all book.very fantastic illustration and story .can’t wait to see her new books.!
    Amazing job.keep it up

  9. These books are remarkable. They are books for children that hold a very special message for everyone! Erika writes from the heart and it simply comes through with clarity and love! She gives her heart and soul! Much Love to a beautiful woman!

  10. Love the books they are so colorful! I am also a subscriber to her YouTube channel and follow her instagram. I would recommend these books to my friends.

  11. She is very good author really like her books great effort i hope she gets more success in every path of life

  12. She is amazing author. Every book have lessons and advice for everyone.. She very talented. She has amazing talent captured Every person emotion.and she guide them to right path.. Her book physically and mentally guided you..
    Teen adult and specially children book make you more confident happy and successful.. Her books touch different side your life. Children book so colourful and training your child good manner And every child give good positive thinking and good personality. So definitely buy her book learning lot. And guide your child to correct path. Enjoy. Love this book and author. Keep it up.

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