The One Who Gave His Life

Many times I was lured 

away from Your holy 


My past issues would 

pull on my heart

Inviting me to places that 

would numb my pain for 

a moment

Dead cycles would continue

‘Cause to deal with my 

broken heart was too much 

to ask

I would explore the familiar

Give myself away to sin

I would wander around

Feel Your presence for 

mere moments 

Yet I could never pay the 

high price of dealing with 

my past

I would visit many places

but You weren’t there

Meet new people who 

did not know you

I would experience pure bliss

Felt alive for a while

Yet everywhere I tread

Your presence was

absent in a world that put 

a high price on sin

Your still voice would beg

me to return to You

I chose to ignore the pull 

on my heart

Yet somehow You will make 

Yourself known to a sinner 

like me

I would look for You  

in every song I hear

I would long for Your love

through every person I meet

Look for a glimpse of Your heart 

in the darkness around me

Further and further I pulled 

away from You

Experienced famine in 

every area of my life

Stripped of my pride, my ego, 

my ways

I ran back to Your holy 


As Your holy, warm presence 

wrapped around every part of 

my being

I only experienced kindness 

and compassion from the One 

who gave His life for a sinner 

like me

Your love flowed into every 

crevice of my wounded heart

Healing and restoring every void 

caused by pain

Jesus the One without sin 

never judged me

His blood still has the power 

to wash away sin!

—Ebigale Wilson

The One Who Gave His Life

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