A New Era Awaits The Brave

Finding your way through 

the wilderness 

You’re about to step into 

your promised land

On a threshold of a 

new beginning

A new you emerged from 

the dust of painful seasons

Ready to invade new territories 

Ready to make the unknown 

your dwelling place

Not a trace of fear 

You overcame every obstacle 

in the wilderness

Your wilderness journey is coming to a conclusion

The fog has lifted

Everything is falling into 


In awe that you made it

Heaven is saluting you

You never gave up, though there were days you wanted to

You found your way 

through every setback

Every challenge, now your testimony

Every dark place you once 

feared, you now rule

A new you was birthed 

When you faced your 

deepest pain

So many new possibilities 

await you

Unknowingly trained in 

many different spheres 

It is time to reign

Looking back you can’t 

believe you made it

No longer the timid, 

fearful daughter

Trained by Holy Spirit

A new era awaits the brave

Empowered through your failures 

Strengthened through 

your mistakes 

Heavenly places now 

your home

Bold and fearless you have become

You have found your 

voice in the dry desert

Your dreams were hidden 

in dark places

Transformed in the presence 

of your enemies

Not a trace of the dust of 

the wilderness

Only the residue of His glory

Jesus sustained you 

He deserves the glory!!!

—Ebigale Wilson

A New Era Awaits The Brave

The Journey