Let Her Be

The sleeping giant has 

awaken from her deep 


Trained by the Best in 

the wilderness 

Everything she would need

Papa imparted to her

Her enemies trained her 

in different spheres

Spiritual warfare through 

the witchcraft that was 

sent to take her out

Inner healing through her journey 

through the wilderness 

In many different areas Papa

was training His remnant

We saw our dark season as punishment 

Papa knew that it would turn out to be our most fruitful season

For too long she was


For too long she gave 

people the power to control 

her life

For too long she excepted every 

negative label placed on her

She now knows her significance 

She tasted freedom

She will never go back

to being confined

She is here to make history 

To invade uncharted territories

To rule and to reign

To live every dream Papa 

has for her

She knows Papa’s gentle voice

It dripped like oil into her 

every waste place 

His voice called every 

dead place in alignment 

Like a caterpillar she 

fought through her issues

To become all that God 

has called her to be

She will not go back to 

a place she was controlled,

belittled, betrayed

She moves on the sound 

of Papa’s heartbeat

A pioneer, a forerunner, a demon slayer

Much creativity Papa

poured into her

For too long she lingered 

in the shadows

When she was created to 

step into the Light

Run with Papa’s heart to 

a broken world

You will no longer find her 

in the wilderness

You will find her in the 

presence of her Jesus

She paid a high price for 

the anointing on her life

Step out of the way

She has places to go

Do not try to contain her

She was created to be free

Many are waiting on her


She is tenacious, a fighter

Papa’s warrior daughter

She is ready to rebuild 

ruined cities 

To carry Papa’s heart 

wherever she treads

Bold and unashamedly 

she carries her cross

Don’t even try to put her 

back in a box

She was created to walk 

through the Red sea

Created to kill bears, lions 

and giants

Created to push back 

darkness and win

A faith giant

Father’s sceptre was 

extended to her

Leave her

Just let her be

She is finally who Papa 

created her to be!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Let Her Be

The Journey