Stepping Out Of The Shadows

Her mind was always 

a battleground

Since very young

anxiety ruled her life

She lived in the shadows 

most of her life

Where many live and hide, 

because of fear

The enemy knew what 

Papa deposited in her

Keeping her chained to 

her fears, suited him just fine

Without her knowing she 

was feared in hell

All of heaven knew Father’s 

dreams for her

Would she ever wake up 

from her deep sleep?

Would she ever exchange 

fear for faith?

Would she ever embrace change and find her voice?

There was something 

different in the atmosphere

She could feel and 

sense an urgency

Fathers voice calling her 

to go higher with Him

Something had changed

Something had shifted 

She started to wake up from 

her deep sleep 

When the biggest crisis 

came knocking on her door

She knew it was orchestrated 

by Papa

She could be an Orpah and 

cling to her past

Or she could be a Ruth

step out and make the future 

her home!

Everyone thought she 

would panic and fail

That she would run to the 

shadows and die there

They didn’t know the 

God she served

He ministered to her 

in her darkest hours

Her Knight in 

shining armour

Walking her through 

the valley of death

Leading her to His 

waters of rest

He was her Rock

He had her back

He made her brave!

When anxiety and depression wanted to control her life

He held her close

He calmed every storm

Oh how Papa believed in 


Her pain introduced her 

to her purpose

Her enemies trained her 

in spiritual warfare

In her darkest season she 

found her voice

The deeper she went Papa 

cleared her mind

Every fear fell to the ground

She is ruling in once 

defeated places

No greater love is there than 

the Love of our Father 

Looking around her she can 

see how Father is awakening 

sons and daughters

He is calling His Bride to 

go higher with Him

They sense the urgency to 

surrender completely

Stepping out of the shadows 

To go on a life changing journey with Him! 

— Ebigale Wilson

Stepping Out Of The Shadows