A Single Mother

You will find her alone

Mostly away from the 


Trying to mend the broken 


Of her hurt children 

Picking up the pieces 

left by wounded grown-ups 

In the background 

She feels safe

No funny looks

No bad vibes

No married women that think 

she is on a mission

to break up their homes

She is a single mother

Or a “single” married mother

Not by choice….but she 

steps up

With Papa by her side, she 

can conquer the world 

She fights her own demons 

away from all eyes

Puts her “I have it all together” 

mask on in front of her children

Protects them with her whole life





She is always on duty

Her love and support their world

Changing roles instantly 

comes naturally to her

A mom

A driver

A teacher

A nurse

To more advanced roles

She can handle them all

Away from all eyes

Father is mending her broken heart

Little by little He restores 

her children 

As she leans completely 

into Papa

He leads her to His waters 

of perfect rest

Sometimes the road is dark

Her load heavy to carry

Her emotions running wild, 

but she is learning to rule in 

deep waters

Holy Spirit is mentoring 

her to raise children who are emotionally healthy

Perfectionism is out by the door

Her children needs a mother 

that loves them unconditionally 

A mother who is present 

Who celebrates their growth

Loves and guides them through 

their mistakes

She dedicated her children 

to the best Father 

Together He guides and 

leads her to raise them

As she goes through her 

processes, so do they

Together they heal

Together they take back what 

the enemy meant for their harm

Collecting the spoils left by 

past generations

Every generational curse

under their feet

Father knitted her together 

in her mothers womb

Everything she would need

He deposited in her

Though she started out 

alone and scared

He walked her through 

every season

Calmed every storm within her

Holy Spirit was truly her Helper

Her Teacher 

Her best Friend

She is raising children with 

high morals and values

Children who put Jesus first

To the world she is just a 

single mom

With her ponytail

Worn clothes

Face without make up

To her children she is their 

safe place

Their oasis of love

Their super hero

A representative of Christ

She laughs at the days to come 

She knows the One intimately 

who holds her families lives in 

His hand!

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Single Mother

The Journey