Father Had His Way

She asked me if she could 

speak to me

Calling me to the side at 

a women’s meeting

For a few seconds I am thrown 

by her words 

“I am so glad for what happened 

to you”

She proceeded, a beautiful 

Muslim woman around 60 

years of age

“If you didn’t go through 

your painful journey, you 

would not have been able 

to bring hope to so many women 

We all can relate to your journey

Each one of us can take 

something with us”

Walking away from her, my journey finally made sense

Every tear

Every rejection

Every humiliation 

Every betrayal

Every painful day

I now see what Papa saw 

all along

I only saw in part

A blurred picture of a journey 

with many detours, pain and questions 

In my darkest hour, my 

deepest pain, Papa asked 

me to deny myself

Papa knew that my heart 

was hurting beyond repair

Yet He also knew that if 

I would allow this crisis to 

draw me closer to Him

He would heal my heart

Use my journey to help others 

to find their way through tough journeys

Papa was after my stained 

and damaged heart

He would move mountains 

to see my heart restored

He is coming for a bride 

without spot or wrinkle

He is showing off by using 

those, who people wrote off

The ones with the most spots 

and wrinkles 

To show His sovereignty in surrendered lives

Father is raising up, and bringing 

to the forefront the sons and daughters He trained in seclusion

Whose testimonies have 

been tried and tested in 

the fiery furnaces

When these sons and daughters open their mouths they release

a weighty sound

A yoke breaking, demon slaying sound!

A set the captives free sound!

A signs, wonders and miracle sound!

They will be recognised by 

the sound they release 

They said yes to Papa, when 

they wanted to run and hide

Through every tear, every 

dark night, every struggle 

they chose to hang on to Jesus

Through every challenge, trial, character training

Father had His way in surrendered sons and daughters

They don’t crave platforms 

They crave His presence 

They don’t crave applause 

They crave His blessing

They do not crave wealth or anything this word has to offer

They only crave being with Jesus

Their only credentials is going 

hard after Jesus

In every season good or bad

He is the One we love more 

than life!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Father Had His Way

The Journey