Sun And Son

Here in Cyprus they say that the sun shines 300-340 days a year. An average is around 326. Having lived here 3 1/2 years I would say that 320 is probably a pretty good estimation. Some days it might be just partially sunny, but the sun still shines! This is a draw for those who come from the United Kingdom. Russia and China are not far behind. It is one aspect of the country that I appreciate. Sunshine really does do a body good.

January is usually the roughest month. February can be similar, but only until the middle of the month. Although it does not reach freezing temperatures where we live, we have seen sleet and lots of strong winds. The Troodos Mountain actually has enough snow to ski some years. Houses that are concrete are great in the summer when you are trying to stay cool, however in the winter they can be quite cold. Rain and clouds can make a day/week miserable. Israel, where we lived before this, was quite similar with weather.

As I am writing this, Monday is ending and we had a beautiful sunny day. It was so nice after a week of rain and clouds. Unfortunately, tomorrow the rains come again and the rest of the week is supposed to be dreary.

I enjoyed the sunshine today. It was wonderful to just sit and be covered in the warmth it brings. It reminded me of the following verse:

John 8:36 So if the Son frees you, you will really be free! (CJB)

I often think of this verse when I am in the sunshine. I feel free in the sun and knowing that I have FREEDOM in the SON makes everything better.

Reflecting on whether or not I am really free sometimes is a reality check. There are days I struggle with freedom. I feel trapped in my world. I feel like I am stuck. But verses like this make me stop and ask myself, “What is real?” You believe in the Son, so you truly do have FREEDOM in HIM!

I pray that this verse is a reminder to all of us that we are truly FREE in HIM. That when we are listening to the Holy Spirit HE is leading and guiding us in paths of righteousness for His name sake. HE will protect us and inspire us. Those promises bring us freedom.

Turn to Him today. Just as you enjoy the sun and the warmth it brings, look to the SON and let Him bring you warmth. His LIGHT is better than anything else. Take heart and know that you are FREE.

Love and blessings,

Rose Horton

Image by Jude Beck / Unsplash