Our First Love

Your love drew us to the 


When we were still dressed 

in rags

Painful journeys held us hostage 

Slowly, but surely You 

removed the dross

We tasted freedom 

We couldn’t get enough

In the scorching sun we 

followed You

Through dry desert You 

were our guide

Leading us to waters of 

Your perfect rest

Sons and daughters hungry 

for more of You

We surrendered our whole beings 

Till our every fear fell 

to the ground

Our minds renewed

Our hearts transformed

Our rags replaced with

garments of embroidered cloth

You light a flame within 

Overcome by Your holy presence

We go lower still

For You to have Your will

Deeper we went with You

Past every fear that kept 

us in bondage

Giving up never an option

We now rule in once 

unknown territories 

Your perfect rest our 

dwelling place

Your kindness towards us transformed us

Your love left us 

in awe

Heart transplants, deep processes

You guided us through it all

The wilderness our 

place of awakening

You lead us here to find 

our worth

Every dead dream now 


We are focused on the 

promised land

Our hearts turned back to our 

First Love

Wilderness brides are 

stepping out

Ready and prepared

The wilderness was our

most fruitful place

Trivial things no longer 

holds our gaze

Coming out of the wilderness

Leaning on our Beloved

We only have eyes for our Father

It’s time for signs, wonders 

and miracles

The transformation of our lives 

The biggest miracle of them all!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Our First Love

The Journey