We Are Dead

“Dying to self”

She heard these words

many times

Without realizing the significance

of dying to self daily

in the life of a Christian

Then Father took her on a 

journey of dying to self

in ways she never could 

have imagined

Dying daily sounds doable 

Till Father asks you to die 

in the presence of your enemies 

Or when Father ask you to 

die when facing your greatest battles 

Or when you are at the end of yourself and your pain pleads with you to operate in the flesh

And Father asks you to lay it 

all down

Papa had to wait patiently 

for her to grasp the sacredness 

of this decision

He wanted all of her

Not partial obedience 

Or when it suits her

Everyday she had to lay 

it all down 

Everything she held dear 

she was to release

Every heartache, every battle, every challenge 

No questions asked

Obedience in its highest form

Nothing less

This was unknown territory 

to her

She was always in control

A perfectionist hiding 

behind pride

Instead of dealing with her 

hurt and pain 

Could she really hand 

everything over?

Every humiliation?

Every person who had

hurt her?

Every issue she hid away 

for too long?

Watch how everything she 

so carefully built up

come tumbling down

Her way of doing things 

go up in ashes

Before her eyes?

Why her? She wondered

Till the scalpel went deep and revealed her wounded heart

She was tested in every 

area of her life

Holy Spirit was her guide

As she became less and 

Father God more

The more she died to self

Father could take His rightful

place in her restored life

Daily she had to let go of 

her pride, her plans, her 

issues, her ego

Till she was ready to be 

put on show

Nothing is more important 

then to glorify Jesus with 

our laid down lives

Gone are the days we

wanted to impress people

Gone are the days we lived 

for people’s applause

Gone are the days when we 

were building our own kingdoms

We’re here to honour our Father with our laid down lives

We present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing to our Father

His fragrance now lingers everywhere we tread

When we open our mouths we waste our every breath in honouring our King, because we are dead!

~ Ebigale Wilson

We Are Dead

The Journey