Voluntary Simplicity

I started practicing Voluntary Simplicity years ago. At first if felt horrible – actually it was a bit brutal in fact, but really, it is so freeing living with less.

Going fewer places and engagements allowed me to really savor the season or moments we are currently in.

I am an identical twin that had twins and everything was always around schedules and routines. Even our religion we practiced years ago was all about rituals and routines.

The accumulation of “More” kept my ears blocked from hearing God. The clutter from so much material things kept my eyes blind too. You can’t focus on what you need to when you are surrounded by “stuff.”

I find the Holy Spirit moves much more freely when I don’t keep Him confined to a ritualistic religion. I instead am in awe of the many ways He operates that I didn’t know before.

Clean out the clutter, whether that is your calendar, your closet, or your choices …

You really will have and experience so much more when you start living with less.

~ XXOO Michelle Cosby Bollom

Restored Ministries

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