The Promised Land

We now see the bigger picture

Father saw when He summoned 

us to the wilderness

Looking back, we so needed His intervention

If He had not intervened 

We would still be stuck 

in the past, with old mindsets

Clinging to religion

His love was deeply hidden 

in our pain, our shortcomings 

And our mistakes 

When we took off our masks

Our shackles fell to the ground

The more Father uncovered 

our hearts, the more we died

Every day we were tested to see who was really our God

Interrupting the lives of 

those He loves with a crisis, 

a challenge

Was for His bride to find herself

When we thought we were at 

the end of ourselves 

He comes on the scene 

Guiding, leading and comforting 

us with His persistent love

Into our healing, restoration 

till we discovered our worth

A small remnant knew 

this was the turning point

A once in a lifetime 

adventure awaiting them

We could not say “no”

Scared, desperate, hurt, 

We took a leap of faith

To heal, to grow, to be who Papa called us to be

We chose to go on this journey 

of love with our Father

He became our deepest need

We can be without everything

except Him

We were introduced to a 

love that made us bold 

and fearless

We found ourselves, when we 

found Him

Focus thieves no longer 

hold our gaze

There was purpose in 

every hurt

In every heartbreak

In every rejection

In every loss

Our eyes are focused on 

our Father

Everything that once held 

our gaze, disappeared 

in the background

We brought every sacrifice 

He asked of us

Paid a high price to be One 

with our Father

The bride has made herself ready

Leaning upon her Beloved

She is coming out of the wilderness

Ready to take up her position in 

the promised land

She now sees what He saw all along!

~ Ebigale Wilson

The Promised Land

The Journey