Complaining or Praying

Are you complaining or praying?

When you get sideways, crossways, agitated, irritated, or aggravated do you grab your phone or the closest ear and fill it full of gripes and gritches? Or if no one is around do you just fling it all out into the atmosphere?


Do you take whatever it is instantly to God in prayer?

Simply Ask God…

Lord, what has me feeling like a burrs in my saddle today? Why does so and so or ABC XYZ rub me the wrong way? Remove the callus on my heart, restore my peace. Help me love them like You do. Help me overlook the offenses. Bind my tongue from spewing negativity into the atmosphere. Let me take it to the throne and not the phone. If I complain I simply remain – so I choose to take it to You first instead and be raised by my praise. Work it all out for my good! I trust You over my crazy emotions. In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

Now, don’t you feel better?

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom