Do Yourself A Favor

The hurts you harbor won’t get you healed – it can actually get you killed.

Don’t let unforgiveness fester into bitterness and resentments.

It may not make you sick today – or tomorrow or next week or a month or a year from now – but be assured it will take you out eventually and taint every relationship in your life going forward with the hurt you harbor and don’t release.

Forgiveness is something we do as being obedient to the Lord and His Word. It is also something we do for ourself. It takes constant surrender of the hurts to the Lord.

Stop rehearsing the hurt. Forgive. Release. Bless those that hurt you.

God knows it will kill our souls and eventually our bodies. It’s not His best for us.

Really, who are we to withhold forgiveness of others when Christ so lovingly and completely forgives us.

Do yourself a favor and forgive.

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

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