Silent No More

Her voice was muted

the day she married him

He gave everyone in his life 

the power to break her down

He did not have values and principles and self respect

A hurt little boy, in an adult body

Oh how she was blinded 

by fake love

She dared not fend for herself

If she tried she would be verbally abused, belittled, disrespected

It made him feel good

When he broke her down

He had the power

While she lived in fear

He could hide his demons, 

his issues, but not his sin

Open for all to see,

yet no one spoke up!

She had so much to say, 

but she was not heard

He said she threw tantrums, 

when she was desperate to 

be heard

What they call “abuse”

became her norm

Silent treatment when she 

tried to speak her mind

Financial abuse when 

she dared to disagree

Emotional, mental and verbal 

abuse, when she wanted him 

to take responsibility for his wrongs

He stole her voice and she allowed him to

He would do as he pleased 

and got his applause 

While she died little by little 

Everything she did was 

wrong in his eyes

She would end up apologizing

cause he never did

Playing the victim was his 

perfect role

The children grew up

The pain of abuse visible in their eyes and behaviour

Silently pleading for mom 

to leave

Till that day she woke up 

from her deep sleep

She asked him to pack his 

bags and leave

She knew it was time to put 

herself and her children first

To stop the abuse

To finally know peace

She cried many days and nights 

She knew she could no longer 

be controlled and silenced

Pass on the baton of abuse 

to her children

No, it had to stop!

She took of her mask

Hard and painful as it was

Little by little she took 

her power back

Day by day she grew stronger

As her relationship with 

Papa grew deeper 

Oh what a magnificent sight 

she was to behold through 

the eyes of her Father

His perfect love for her made 

her fearless and bold

He put all her broken pieces 

back together again

Creating a masterpiece of a 

once broken life

Today her testimony sets 

broken sons and daughters free

She can relate to others pain

She wore the scars

She tasted the pain

She was abused and manipulated

Nothing she went through 

was in vain

She is breaking cycles

She now knows her worth

Her standards are high!

She was created to be protected, loved and respected 

If not -hit the road Jack!

She discovered her purpose 

when she faced her demons!

She took her voice back!

She is silent no more!

Having her voice suits her just fine!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Silent No More

The Journey

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