Total Abandonment

After a bout with food poisoning I was so sick and I was asking God, What do you want to be for me that you couldn’t be before this happened?

(Something I am learning in my study of Brilliant Thinking by Graham Cooke)

I had asked over and over and not really got the answer. It started Sunday night and rolled on into Tuesday before I was getting any better.

Tuesday this song “Come In” shuffled and I put it on repeat as the words “Total Abandonment” kept resonating with me.

So I looked up the definition.

This is the definition of Abandonment-

The self-surrender to an outside influence.

Abandon; careless freedom or ease; surrender to one’s emotions.

Wow! God was getting my attention. As I laid so weak I could barely move with my head in a bucket for hours upon hours to the point of almost dehydration… I was powerless. I could not help but be surrendered to whatever was causing me so much sickness.

I then started thinking about how many times we surrender to our emotions? How many times do we surrender to pressures or to outside influences that harm us instead of uplift us? How many times do we fuss and fume when mishaps or disappointments come our way?

I know for me, far too many.

Our Total Abandonment, like the definition says; self-surrender, but instead of to outside influences, we always need to make sure it is to the Inside Influence.

Total Abandonment to The Holy Spirit.

Thankfully we simply just have to “Come In” to His presence. When we do Come In, we …

Read more of Come In Here and listen to the song

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