Step Into The Light

You would always find 

her in the background

Here the shadows became 

her home

She would disappear to 

this place and no one 

would notice

Robbed of her worth and 

her voice

The silence would be her 

safe place

No one came to save her

From the chains choking 

the life out of her 

Voices tormenting her

day and night

The despair and anguish 

on her face

a glimpse of 

her heart

Drawing her further away 

from the light

She felt at home here

Pain was all she knew

She thought she would die here

Till the day her life was 

turned upside down

She had to decide…

Would she die in the dark

Or would she step out and embrace the Light

She made a choice to step 

out of the shadows and trust Papa with her life

Scared and alone she went 

on this journey

That would stretch her and change her and heal her

A journey that would show 

her, her worth

Her voice came alive as she gleaned and she grew from her secret encounters with Papa

Father brings each one of us 

to this place of drawing a 

line in the sand

Where we have to decide to disappear or tackle every fear

The bride of Christ was called to embrace this journey

of healing and growth

To become a beacon of hope

and faith

To a world in desperate need 

of healing and grace

She is coming out of the wilderness

The most fruitful place 

Papa lured her to

The shy, voiceless girl is 

no more 

She knows her worth,

It can’t be put into words

For too long she believed

the enemies lies 

He knew that if she would discover her voice and her worth 

Many sons and daughters would find deliverance and healing in her journey of love!

The remnant bride is stepping 

out of the shadows

Her life a testimony of Papa’s transforming love

Her mouth a horn

filled with oil

Bringing healing, deliverance 

and life, to the one’s getting ready 

to step into the Light!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Step Into The Light

The Journey