Her Testimony Will Set Many Alight

I have experienced good days

I have experienced bad days

Days I did not want

to get out of bed

When my pain screamed 

louder then my faith

When my heart was

hurting beyond repair

The voices in my head 

begging me to end it all

Then there were days 

when I would dance on 

the sound of Papa’s heart

Soar high above my circumstances

The impossible became possible 

in His presence

The more I surrendered, 

Papa stepped in

Lifting me higher to places 

in Him, that I have never been

I have also seen how Father

led me on journeys 

I wanted to run from

Journeys in the scorching sun, the untamed storms, the dry deserts

Many times His silence was 

my only companion 

These journeys tested me beyond my natural abilities

Stretched me

way beyond 

my capabilities 

Built my faith in ways

I never imagined

My life a living testimony of 

the power of the Blood!

I have seen the goodness 

of my Father in every area 

of my life

He restored me to His 

original design

No more anxiety

No more fear

Every voice of the enemy

Papa silenced with His love

I know the depth, width 

and the heights of Papa’s faithfulness

He never gave up

on me

Even on the days I turned 

my back on Him

His kindness towards me 

left me in awe

Where would I have been

if it was not for Him?

Through Papa’s persistent love

I discovered my strength

Through Papa’s persistent love

I discovered my voice

Through His love I stumbled on unopened gifts and talents

Hidden deep in my heart

Buried under the hurt when 

He unpacked my heart

Every generational and bloodline curse is under His blood

Every demonic web around 

me tore

I used the sword in my hand and 

the sword in my mouth

No demon can stand in the presence of the One I love more than life

His bride has made herself ready

Radiantly beautiful she 

moves in His light

Everything the enemy sent

to harm her

Father turned around for 

her good

She was trained by the Best

Every trial and attack

now serves its purpose 

Her testimony will set many alight!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Her Testimony Will Set Many Alight

The Journey