Releasing The Sound

My bride will be distinguished 

by the sound she releases in 

this hour

When you go through the 

processes of life

your unique sound is developing

The obedient, set apart sons 

and daughters will birth an authentic sound into the earth

That will bring visible change wherever they tread

The more you are yielded

and die to self

The more anointed the sound 

your release will be

This end time sound will be despised by the religious,

but embraced by the hungry, desperate remnant bride

Who made many private and secret sacrifices for the Kingdom of God

It will be a sound true to Father’s 

nature and character

A sound that will represent 

your unique journey of faith and clinging to Father

It did not come easy

there was a high price tag attached to releasing it

No one can copy your sound

The frequencies sent into 

the atmosphere when you 

open your mouth

No one walked your journey

No one tasted your pain

No one can release the sound 

that you contended for

Satan knew the anointing attached to the sound that you will release

It will break bondages,

bring restoration,

set many captives free 

That is why the battles and attacks to stop you from entering the promised land were so fierce

No one would be able to ignore 

this new sound 

As it will be like a two edged sword piercing through every religious structure, breaking bondages and bringing many hurting and broken souls into the Kingdom of God

Many copy what 

they hear others say

They didn’t labour and pay 

the high price to birth revelation

and breakthrough unique to their journey

My anointing is expensive 

the fruit of the sound that flows from your mouth will 

be a weighty, authentic, yoke breaking sound

My anointing won’t be 

attached to every sound that 

is released  

Be careful and discerning 

to whose sounds you attach yourself with

When it’s a borrowed, copied sound it will only be knowledge caught on the way, it won’t carry the weight to break bondages and set captives free

When you open your mouth

People will know that you 

have been with Jesus and that cannot be copied

My authentic sound will be released through many avenues and spheres in this hour

Especially through the unknown, 

the no names, the looked down upon one’s

Worshipers, writers, dancers, artists, speakers, prayer warriors, the housewife’s, will arise and release the sound of heaven to a broken and hurting world

Many are waiting to be touched 

and transformed by My glory working through you.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Releasing The Sound

The Journey

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