We Fight From A Position Of Rest

As the journey continues 

We are entering a new place 

of quietness and rest

A place where words 

are unnecessary

A place of contentment

Where we know that everything 

will work together for our good

Here our hearts beat in 

rhythm with Father’s 

Completely yielded

As we go lower still

Knowing that when the time 

is right, Father’s promises for us

will come into fulfilment

We entered the wilderness 

carrying a heavy load

Of issues not dealt with

Our hearts were laid bare

Our deepest pain were uncovered 

Our wounds were healed

Generational curses were 

dealt with

We laid everything down blocking our growth

Every part of our heart 

was dealt with,

for Father to move in 

This was our most fruitful season of healing, growth and awakening  

Many new beginnings were 

birthed when we dealt with our pain

We came to this wide open place 

of Papa’s perfect rest

Unknowingly we yearned 

and desperately needed this place

An oasis found by the 

desperate one’s 

Where we drink of His waters unending 

Never to be thirsty again 

Papa knew that our journeys

would bring us to this wide open place in Him

Where we would awaken to higher levels of spiritual revelation in 

this hour

A new place where we are 

One with Love 

An integral part of our destination

We cannot progress with 

hate in our hearts

We bless our enemies

We thank them for training 

us and catapulting us into 

our destinies

Weren’t it for them, we never would have healed and known the depth of Papa’s heart for His bride

We live from a place deep within

Prepared over the years of dwelling with Him

This is the seventh day 

for many I hear Father say

A place of contentment, completeness, spiritual perfection 

and perfect rest

Where Papa quiets His bride with His all consuming Love

A place found by few

Love our habitation

The air we breath

We are protected from the attacks 

of the enemy

Trained on the 

front line  

Every agenda of satan 

had its purpose

The bride of Christ is 

fearless and bold

We fight from a position of rest

What was sent to harm us

Was a set up to launch us 

into our destinies

The seventh day is here

When the time is right everything will fall into place!

~Isaiah 60: 22~  When the time is right I, the Lord will make it happen!

~ Ebigale Wilson

We Fight From A Position Of Rest

The Journey