Treasures Of Wisdom And Knowledge

“May we be encouraged in heart and united in love that we may have the full riches of complete understanding of Christ, God’s mystery, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

A lot of sublime superlatives in just one sentence.

First of all, to be encouraged in heart and united in love is that nearly unreachable ambition of all of God’s saints and prophets. Secondly, the complete understanding of Christ is something that many would tell you is an impossibility. Lastly, all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge? How does one acquire the faith to pray a prayer like that and aspire to it with any degree of hope in attaining it?

Maybe, we would need to look at the rest of Colossians, Chapter 2. The apostle Paul, through ardent Godly love, was struggling mightily in the Spirit for this church. The welfare of the church was not just one of Paul’s many and varied interests; it was his life, his burning passion. And we find the root of this passion in Colossians, Chapter 1, where he explains that he rejoiced in what was suffered for this church, and that he made it his aim to “fill up in his fleshly body” what was lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the church. That is, he was passionate about finishing what Christ was no longer present to finish himself.

Ultimately, we have to conclude that it is possible for God to answer a prayer like this, lofty as it may seem. Otherwise, it would not have been included in the scriptures. We must admit that our limited strength is no deterrent to God’s unlimited power and his benevolent grace.

If he decides to perfect a church, then he is going to do it, and he will find those that want to work with him in seeing it accomplished. We must only pray like the man who needed Jesus to heal his son, “I believe, help my unbelief!” And maybe we should add, “Please send workers into the harvest,” for church work was never designed to be a one man job.

Ideally, it is a team effort involving everybody.

~ Brad Heilhecker