More Harm Than Good

Paul wrote to the Corinthian church that their church meetings did “more harm than good.”  

Certainly, there were specific reasons that he made this assertion, but it may be a warning to all of us to make sure that when we meet together that our meetings are in accord with all of the principles of scripture and love. This requires diligent prayer and study of the word and attention to comparing our traditions with the truth of the word.  

For, in this same chapter of the first letter to the Corinthians, he warned them that sickness, weakness, and death were a result of their unfaithfulness to the Spirit of the word.

How, then, are we to proceed with our worship of the Lord? As the psalmist wrote: “by living according to his word.” This may seem harsh to those of us who are in love with our church traditions, but, if we are to “teach others to obey all of his commands,” it only stands to reason that we must first learn to obey his commands ourselves, for “judgement begins with the house of God.”  

This is in agreement with all common sense and wisdom, for any individual who would strive to influence his world must first make sure that his own house is in order before speaking into the life of the community, lest he be labeled a hypocrite in the eyes of God and his friends.

So, let us “study to show ourselves approved, workmen who need not be ashamed.” Our Father has given us only one book through which we may know his ways.

Undoubtedly, its contents are obscure and difficult to assimilate with the carnal mind, but, if we will approach our studies prayerfully, we will discover all the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that our hearts could possibly desire as we diligently apply ourselves to the privileged task of bringing joy to Our Savior’s heart.

Men go to school for years and study a multitude of books to attain proficiency in their trades, and we spend hours reading for our pleasure, so it is no unfair request for Our Father to ask that we become familiar with his one and only love letter to us.

~ Brad Heilhecker