Long Enough You Were Kept Back

Stripped to the core

Nothing to hold on to

Like a boat on the stormy

open seas 

You drifted around

No purpose

No future

No identity

Only the negative labels

others put on you

Oh how many times I wanted 

to tear them off of you

Look you in the eyes and declare

My love for you

I knew a revelation of My love 

would set you free

You were so busy trying to fit in

When I called you to stand out

So busy to condemn yourself

When I have washed you

in My blood

So busy to fit molds of what others expected of you

You didn’t know your worth

When I called you to explore uncharted territories with Me 

If only you could see

My heart for you

Oh’ if only you could see 

the adventurous journey 

I planned for you

If only you could see yourself 

the way I saw you

My blood washed daughter

I have so many dreams for you

I lured you with My love

I could never let go of you 

You said yes to Me in the 

middle of fierce battles 

and trials

In the middle of heart wrenching pain

In the middle of your life crashing down

When you were at your 


You gave Me your all

Trusting Me without borders

You stepped back

As everything you thought 

was important went up in flames

Turning around, you walked 

a different direction

from which you came

You finally surrendered 

Broken, hurt,

many unanswered questions

You left at the cross

Trusting Me with your 

whole life

As tears welled up in 

your eyes

Our deepest bond was formed 

And a peace

you never experienced before 

Laid your heart waste

You were transformed by My love

Every part of your journey 

was important

The highs and lows

The joy and the pain 

It led you to the secret  

place reserved for us

Where I minister to you 

and you minister to Me

A place where My perfect 

peace reigns

A place of revelation and breakthrough

Where you are safe from 

every attack

No one can touch You

You fit perfectly in My heart

It is time to move past the boundaries of religion

Break down laws erected 

by men

Walk into every dream I 

have for you

Long enough you were 

kept back

Every negative labels

are removed

It is time to release your 

unique sound in the earth

Creation is waiting for the 

revealing of My bride…

They will be distinguished

by the sound they release!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Long Enough You Were Kept Back