Atmosphere Changers

Oh’ what a beautiful sight 

she is to behold

Her life a portrait portraying 

the One she loves most

As she moves on the sound 

of His heart

She touches so many lives

Her beauty does not come 

from the clothes she wears

The shoes on her feet 

The jewels around her neck

It comes from a place deep within

With a high price tag

of recklessly pursuing after Him

Money can not buy the 

glow on her face

Peace clings to her like a 

costly perfume

She cannot be moved by 

what she sees

Her faith runs deep

She wear the scars of many 

battles with honour

Now turned into testimonies of Papa’s faithfulness

She is an echo of Papa’s love

to everyone she comes into 

contact with

Her words like honey birthed through intimacy with her King

She chooses them carefully to restore and to heal

Showing the world a glimpse 

of Papa’s heart

Oh she is clothed in dignity 

and strength

Her satisfaction she finds 

in the ordinary things

She cannot boast of silver 

and gold

She can only boast about 

her love for Papa

As I hang on the weighty words 

that flows from her mouth

I know she has been where 

few have tread 

Once you have tasted true Love

You will never be satisfied without 

it again

Behind the veil where dead daughters dwell

Papa is clothing His sons 

and daughters with His identity

You don’t have to ask who 

they are

It is seen all over them

They are infused with a supernatural love and peace

Obtained through obedience and abandoning themselves

Hell could not stop them

Religion could not blind them

They are coming out

of the wilderness

With the heart of their Beloved beating through them!

Ready to change atmospheres wherever they go!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Atmosphere Changers

Holy Bride

What do men desire in their choice of life companions?  

What is Our Father looking for in his church, his chosen life companion?

Is it intelligence, giftedness, or beauty?  These things are not to be despised.  However, are they the key ingredients that one looks for in a life companion?

Is it not rather humility, fidelity and a kind heart that are the chief characteristics that one needs in a lifelong friend?  

These things are precious in Our Father’s eyes, and they are highly valued among men.  For a proud spirit is not easily cared for, unfaithfulness is hard to live with, and meanness is heart wrenching. But a humble, faithful, good hearted person is invaluable as a friend.

These characteristics of humility, faithfulness, and goodness are the building blocks of a loving, holy life, and they contribute mightily to loving, holy relationships.  

Beauty, intelligence, and giftedness are natural endowments, but humility, faithfulness, and goodness are supernatural endowments.

Natural endowments may open doors for us on earth, but supernatural endowments open up doors for us to celestial mansions and, also, to heavenly vistas of usefulness and favor in Our Father’s eyes.

~ Brad Heilhecker


Sukkot…. Feast of Tabernacles…

Do these titles mean anything to you?

Leviticus 23:33-36 Adonai said to Moshe, “Tell the people of Isra’el, ‘On the fifteenth day of this seventh month is the feast of Sukkot for seven days to Adonai. On the first day there is to be a holy convocation; do not do any kind of ordinary work. For seven days you are to bring an offering made by fire to Adonai; on the eighth day you are to have a holy convocation and bring an offering made by fire to Adonai ; it is a day of public assembly; do not do any kind of ordinary work.

This festival began Sunday night and it continues for seven days (plus one). Monday will be the final day of celebration and then Monday night they will re-roll the Torah Scroll and begin reading from Genesis again. This holiday was given to the Hebrew people when they were wandering in the wilderness. God gave them this one so they would remember.

“Remember what?” you may ask.

I have found that as much as God wants us to move forward and let go of the past, He wants us to REMEMBER what HE has done for us. The appointed times that He set up were for His people to do exactly that – Remember Him.

Many of us know how to do this during Passover. Most of us are not aware of how we can Remember Him during the fall festivals. I have spoken about Rosh Hahshana and Yom Kippur. Let’s take a look at Sukkot.

During these seven (plus one) days of celebration, we are to remember all He did for us while we were in the wilderness. He provided places to live, food to eat, and even the shoes did not wear out while the Hebrew people were wandering for 40 years. Most of us have probably not faced a wilderness season in our life quite like the Hebrew people did, but we have experienced struggles and trials and our own form of a wilderness. Sometimes they feel like they are going longer than we want. The days of this festival we are to take time to be thankful for His provision during those times. We are to take time to tabernacle with Him. We are to take time to REJOICE!

This festival is the only one that God commanded the people to be JOYFUL.

Deuteronomy 16:14 Rejoice at your festival — you, your sons and daughters, your male and female slaves, the L’vi’im, and the foreigners, orphans and widows living among you. (CJB)

Today, following the command given by God, the Jewish people build a “sukkah” which they use for meals, and some even sleep in them. They are to be three sided, and the top is to be covered with something like palm branches (open to be able to see through) so they can see the majesty of God in the heavens.

Sukkah means “covering.” God wants to be their covering. God wants His people to recognize that HE is taking care of them and that all they have need of is in HIM. As they eat and fellowship in their “temporary dwelling” they remember that God is majestic and watching over them.

There are other significant pieces to this holiday. When you are in Jerusalem you see them carrying a “lulav.” There are four pieces they carry and wave each day. Each has its own spiritual significance. It is easy to google and read about this. Some of this is tradition, but it is based on the verse:

Leviticus 23:40 On the first day you are to take choice fruit, palm fronds, thick branches and river-willows, and celebrate in the presence of Adonai your God for seven days. (CJB)

Our family has always found Sukkot to be fun. Rosh Hahshana has been celebrated as a remembrance of WHO God is and that He will be coming back as KING over all the earth. Yom Kippur is our reminder that HE is our atonement and we are forgiven when we TRUST in Him.

Sukkot is now our time to FELLOWSHIP with Him and ENJOY all His blessings! It is a time to GIVE THANKS and celebrate meals together and FUN. Do you realize that we will have a table feast with HIM someday when we tabernacle with Him forever? What a day to look forward too!

In Zechariah 14:16 it is prophesied that one day ALL nations of the world will be in Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. I believe this is something to ponder on…

Finally, everyone remaining from all the nations that came to attack Yerushalayim will go up every year to worship the king, Adonai-Tzva’ot, and to keep the festival of Sukkot. (CJB)

If you have not taken the time to learn about these appointed times and seasons that HE has blessed us with, I encourage you to read and ask Him to show you the secrets that can take you deeper in your relationship with Him. Take time to sit and REMEMBER all that He has blessed you with. Tabernacle with Him. Feast with Him. Let Him be your covering.

As you discover His secrets, you will find REST in Him. You will RESTORE yourself to Him. You are then REFRESHED to walk forward day to day.


Love and blessings,

Rose Horton


Sober Minded

For a few weeks now, I’ve been pondering the phrase “sober-minded” from 1 Peter 4:7 and 5:8 (and several other times in the New Testament).  1 Peter 4:7 says, “The end of all things is at hand; therefore be self-controlled and sober-minded for the sake of your prayers” (ESV).  What a statement to remain sober-minded for the sake of our prayers!

I’m a teacher so I love getting stuck down rabbit trails as I research and learn more about things that stand out to me in scripture.  I found at least 9 other references to being sober-minded, and they are not just talking about not drinking alcohol!

Titus, one example, is full of “sober-minded” challenges: Wives are to be sober-minded to love their husbands and children better.

Young men are to be sober-minded so that they can maintain integrity, dignity and sound speech.  Elders are to be sober-minded to better serve.  Older men are to be sober-minded to better teach sound doctrine.

Looks like perhaps being “sober-minded” is an invitation into something better.  

I looked up 1 Peter 4:7 in the Strongs, and the word for sober-minded is S3525 (nēphō) which means not only to abstain from wine, but also to be calm and collected in spirit, to remain dispassionate and to keep watch.  In fact, the King James Version uses the word “watch” instead of “sober-minded.”  The Passion Translation says to be “intentional and purposeful” when we pray.

How interesting that in 1 Peter 4:7 we are asked to stay calm, collected, even intentional and purposeful, and to keep watch immediately after Peter states that the end of all things is near!

Here’s what the Holy Spirit challenged me on regarding all this:  I must remain sober-minded.  In the current climate of the world, I cannot afford NOT to.  I am a child of God who carries the authority of Christ, and my words build worlds around me.  

I have the divine nature of Christ (2 Peter 1:4) and my NEW NATURE no longer operates in the world’s view of the natural.  I am not a mere human.

The world around me needs me to be sober-minded – clear headed – enough to pray and intercede with power.  Politically correct spirits thrive on perverting people’s passions and twisting them into outrage and anger, so God needs me to remain calm and collected in Spirit so that I can respond like Christ and not out of my flesh.  

False doctrines are flooding society and even infiltrating the Church, thus future generations need me to remain on watch and be clear minded enough to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, without cloudiness or distraction, to be able to teach soundly.

1 Peter 5:8 says it best: “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”  We don’t want to focus on the devil, EVER, but we cannot be “unaware of his schemes” (2 Corinthians 2:11).  He will lie, distract, cause a spirit of heaviness or sickness or whatever he can to keep you from hearing the voice of your Father clearly.  The enemy will keep you from prayer, keep you exhausted, keep you unwell and even keep you battling offense just to keep you from being fully sober-minded.  

We have Jesus, so we have the ability to stay one step ahead of him when we can remain clear-minded and self-controlled.

Friend, you are more powerful than you know.  And eternity needs you to be sober-minded, without distraction.  If that looks like subtracting some things from your life – or adding others – then do it!

Learn to be intentional and purposeful to hear Him clearly.  Start now, so that you can have “20/20 vision” in 2020! You have the backing of Heaven and the grace of God on your side.  


~ Mandy Woodhouse


Through our faith in the sin atoning death sacrifice of Christ, we have been declared righteous in Our Father’s eyes.  

Nothing is lacking.  

We have satisfied his requirement for right standing in his presence.  

Now, we must hold on to our faith until the end.  If we do, there will be a great celebration throughout the corridors of heaven.

The temptation is to give in to our fears and start a desperate search for another source of strength and power.  

There is none.

 “We will stand by our faith, or we won’t stand at all,” – Isaiah 7:9.

 “‘Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit’, says the Lord of hosts,” – Zechariah 4:6.

Everything that our eyes see can tempt us to try to rely on our own strength instead of waiting on the Lord to deliver us.  

Everything that our heart knows tells us that Our Father is trustworthy.  

So, we must trust our Spirit inspired heart and not our fear inspired sight.  

This is our mandate; these are our marching orders.  This is how we will please Our Heavenly Father and prosper in this life.  This is how we lay up treasure in heaven.

~ Brad Heilhecker


Is there any difference between being happy and being blessed?

Merriam-Webster gives one definition of blessed as “enjoying happiness or the bliss of heaven.”

Undoubtedly, heaven will be a blissful, happy place, and, since it is our aim to bring heaven to earth, we strive to stay in good graces with our Heavenly Father, and to encourage others in this same pursuit.

The apostle John records the account of Jesus serving his disciples by washing their feet and then telling them to imitate him, stating “blessed are you if you do these things.”  Sometimes, we find happiness in the last place that we think to look: humble service to our loved ones.  

The world has an abundance of those who seek to be leaders, and Godly leadership is a good thing.  However, only Jesus can give us the grace and wisdom to lead others to him by our humble service.  

The world can ignore our words, but they cannot ignore Christlike service, for it stands out uniquely in this fast paced, fame crazed world of ours.

Quiet, humble worship of God and Christ by simple obedience.  That is the path to bliss, happiness, and joy. There is no other.  All other substitutes crumble under the pressures of life.  Come what may, Christ is always near for those who will seek his face in humble obedience and service.  

We may remember that the call to faith is a call to surrender and service.  Christ cannot be our savior if he is not our Lord.  It is a package deal.

~ Brad Heilhecker

He Will Quiet Us With His Love

Priceless lessons we have learned on this journey of love we’re on

Many tests we have passed, yet 

there’s still much to learn

We surrender each time 

Papa asks us to trust Him

We know that He knows best

We see in part, He sees 

the complete picture 

We can see Father’s 

hand alive in our lives

Where would we have been 

If He didn’t call us out of 

our hiding places

Our caves

Our comfort zones

The best decision was when we answered when He called 

Turning our backs on our old ways of doing things  

To go on a journey with Papa

We left the safety of the familiar

To meet with Him on the 

open seas

Not a clue of what was 

waiting in the unknown

As waves crashed over us

Leaving us tired and 

confused at times

Our eyes were fixed on our Father

An urgency in our hearts

To embrace this set apart,

sacred time with Father

Away from all eyes, strenuous training we went through

Life as we knew it

was left in the past

We came face to face with every issue we tried to hide

Every character flaw was brought in the open 

Every habitual sin was highlighted

Dealt with and forgiven

We could not let this opportunity of growth and change pass us by

We had to let go of so many things that once held our gaze

Perfectionism was out by the door when we faced our hurts and worked through our pain

We didn’t have to hide behind polished cars and floors anymore

Our hearts tasted freedom

Our masks were removed

When we discovered how deeply 

we were loved

Timid, scared and broken

You found us

Courageous, confident, fearless

We have become through 

our journey of love

Our guilt and pasts now testimonies of Your grace

You have a habit of taking 

the least of us

And restoring us into reflections 

of Your heart

Steeper the waves have become

Crashing over us from all directions

Yet now we are prepared

Calling other sons and daughters 

to run with us on waves

We know the One who 

calms the storms intimately

He is our Prince of Peace

He will quiet us with His love 

as we go deeper with Him!

~ Ebigale Wilson

He Will Quiet Us With His Love

The Journey



She opened herself to the lie.

She opened her heart

to believe the lie.

She received the lie and it became a part of her. Her identity was stolen or did she give it away?

She chose this.

She saw.

What she saw terrified her.

What she felt shamed her.

Never before had she felt this.

Disobedience claimed her.

She became a daughter to it.

Disobedience shamed her.

She chose to trust the lie.

God never wanted her to see

what she saw.

God never wanted her to see

what she felt.

He warned her.

She didn’t believe Him.

Now she is exposed and ashamed.

Terribly and horribly alone.

Then came fear.

The fear drove her to manipulate and control.

She didn’t want to be alone!

Cover it up. Lie upon lie.

Stress replaces rest.

Poison pervades peace.

Separated in spirit from Him

she waits.

He comes . She knows! She knows!

It’s horrible and she knows.

She knows the difference now.

She knows the good and the evil!

What have you done?

She let the lie lead her.

She knows it and it rips her

to the core.

Her spirit dies. Her soul is seared.

Corruption claims her.

She wants to go back!

She doesn’t want this!

It wasn’t supposed to be like this!

Sick is the suffering like a deep hot poker searing her soul.

Pain like she’s never felt before.


Put out.

So very alone.

She is sealed from the place of perfection.

She is thrust into pain and rejection.

I was there. It was me.

~ Michelle Knapton