Tunnel Vision

I love this photo.

I actually took this photo a few weeks ago here in sunny, Brisbane, Australia, and I remember thinking to myself, “Gee, I need to write a blog about this photo!”

What began in my head as some sort of “light at the end of the tunnel” type encouragement actually changed when I walked back through the tunnel a few days later on an incredibly hot Australian afternoon.  I actually had to stop for a moment and take in everything I felt the Holy Spirit begin to speak to me about not just this particular tunnel, but tunnels in general.

We tend to see tunnels with “tunnel vision.”  My friend hates tunnels because they are claustrophobic and make her ears pop.  My cousin hates tunnels because he’s seen one too many doomsday movies where people get stuck in tunnels with rushing water (or zombies) coming from all directions.  Most people hate the metaphor of a tunnel because it represents the feeling of being in a dark place where the walls are closing in. Thus, the lovely little saying, “light at the end of the tunnel.”

But on this hot, humid Australian day, here’s what Holy Spirit showed me about HIS heart for tunnels.

This particular tunnel was actually protecting me from the heat.  It was dark and damp, but it was keeping me from the intense temperatures above me and protecting me from too much sun exposure, exhaustion and smog. This tunnel went under the city, giving myself and the joggers a fairly quiet thoroughfare to get where we needed to go quickly.

The tunnel felt a bit lonely, but it was definitely much safer than the heavy traffic dangerously zipping around above me.  Not to mention the fact that when I did see that light at the end, I was filled with fresh hope and a renewed strength to pick up the pace and exit the tunnel to my next location.

A tunnel takes you from point A to point B, avoiding chaos, danger and so much more.  Usually tunnels are quicker and safer than other means of travel, even if they tend to appear dark and lonely.  

2 Chronicles 32 recounts the building of Hezekiah’s tunnel, which the king had built to protect Judah’s water supply – their means of LIFE.  

Check it out, it’s a great read.

What I felt Him say this particular day is that if we can change how we view tunnels, we will notice that they are more of a GIFT than a burden.

In fact, I felt His heart swell at the fact that He can give this precious gift to so many people and He can enjoy the walk with us!  We tend to get so distracted by what is going on around and above us that we neglect to see the beauty in the tunnel when we enter one.  We must not forget that we are not alone in the tunnel – Jesus is with us every step of the way.  He IS the light!  He IS our life-source, and sometimes a tunnel helps to protect our walk with Him.

TUNNELS PROTECT LIFE.  And Jesus is the Light in every dark tunnel.

Then Jesus said, “I am light to the world and those who embrace me will experience life-giving light, and they will never walk in darkness.” (John 8:32, TPT)


 ~ Mandy Woodhouse

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