A Trip Well Worth Taking

Sometimes, we fallaciously think that our happiness in life might be found in unbridled liberty, that it would be sublime to be able to do whatever our hearts desired whenever we desired.  

That desire may find its fulfillment in the coming heavenly kingdom, but, in this present earthly kingdom, we have need of the continual guidance and discipline that the Spirit prompted word of God delivers.  

We simply cannot just follow every impulse of ours and hope to attain any sort of peace or joy in life.

For one thing, none of us would willingly choose the battles and struggles that are part and parcel of this life on planet earth.  

We probably would skip all the growing pains of youth, the broken hearts of young adulthood, the years of striving to reach business success, and the infirmities of aging.  

We could easily omit the daily disciplines of bodily maintenance, spiritual life nurturance, and social obligations.  These things can be sources of pleasure eventually, but they start out as austere disciplines.

However, it is written, “The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul.” When we accomplish a God given desire through discipline, hard work, and perseverance, we realize one of the greatest pleasures this side of eternity.  It is a pleasure unique from the daily pleasures of eating, drinking, and sleeping, for this is a pleasure that stems from our relationship with our Creator God.  

It is the pleasure most like his, for it is where we are able to realize who and whose we are and what is our interrelationship with all of creation.

Yes, there is indeed fulfillment to be found in this life.  It starts with our acknowledgement of the One who died to give us life, and it ends with our full adoption into his kingdom and presence.  

It is a trip well worth taking.

~ Brad Heilhecker