Called For Such A Time As This

She is Your daughter called 

for such a time as this

Yet she does not know it

Her face a picture of her 

past and her pain

Challenges are keeping 

her busy

Many things are cluttering 

her mind

She does not make time 

for what is really important

I see the erected walls

protecting her heart

The bruises she is trying 

to hide

The hurt she camouflages

with the right words

The smile she flashes 

just to blend in

While You have called her 

to stand out

She is on a journey going nowhere

Pleasing people who don’t 

really care

Round and round the same 

issues she walks

There’s never time for 

Father to heal her heart

Her busy life keeps her sane

The drugs she uses to hide 

her pain, works for a mere moment

Then it’s back to reality,

the anguish, the stress 

There’s never time to find herself

Never time to explore the 

love of the Father

Created in Papa’s image

Deeply loved

but she does not know it

The pain of her past keeps 

her in bondage

No one see the marks on 

her heart

The struggles she faces

The pain she hides

We live in an era where we 

play our parts

Where our vulnerability and weaknesses we hide

We’re not allowed to talk 

about our bruises,

our scars, our wounds 

The tears on our pillow

The many wars in our mind

Father is waiting to heal 

our hearts

Pain was never meant to 

cage and silence us

It was meant to birth yoke 

breaking testimonies within us

Encouraging sons and daughters that there’s a Father who is still 

on the throne

Waiting to transform our lives  

through His never ending love

For too long we were tied 

to our past

It is time to remove our 

victim garments

Face our fears till we 

laugh in its face

No longer controlled by 

the voice of the enemy 

We will boldly step out in Papa’s love and His grace!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Called For Such A Time As This

The Journey