In 1st Corinthians 11:29,30, Paul writes about God’s judgment on the Corinthian church because of their failure to “discern the Lord’s body” or to “judge the Lord’s body correctly” when partaking of the Lord’s supper together.  

The judgment resulted in “weakness, sickness, and death.” This is a serious warning.  

But what does it mean to “discern the Lord’s body?”

It may mean at least a couple of things.  

Firstly, it may mean that we should take to heart the magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice for us and respond by living our lives in reverential fear towards God.

 Secondly, it would seem that this reverential fear would result in great affection and consideration towards our fellow believers, knowing that they share with us in the unmerited grace and favor of Our Father, and that together we are in fact the “body of Christ” for our generation.

Both reverence towards God and love for our fellow man should be the hallmarks of the believer, and both things flow from our right consideration of Christ’s sacrifice for us.  

Then, we will rest securely in Our Heavenly Father’s open and embracing arms as we go forth as emissaries of the Gospel message.

We will have confidence in his precious promises and in his tender care for us, as we strive to share these treasures with our world.

~ Brad Heilhecker

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