Atmosphere Changers

Oh’ what a beautiful sight 

she is to behold

Her life a portrait portraying 

the One she loves most

As she moves on the sound 

of His heart

She touches so many lives

Her beauty does not come 

from the clothes she wears

The shoes on her feet 

The jewels around her neck

It comes from a place deep within

With a high price tag

of recklessly pursuing after Him

Money can not buy the 

glow on her face

Peace clings to her like a 

costly perfume

She cannot be moved by 

what she sees

Her faith runs deep

She wear the scars of many 

battles with honour

Now turned into testimonies of Papa’s faithfulness

She is an echo of Papa’s love

to everyone she comes into 

contact with

Her words like honey birthed through intimacy with her King

She chooses them carefully to restore and to heal

Showing the world a glimpse 

of Papa’s heart

Oh she is clothed in dignity 

and strength

Her satisfaction she finds 

in the ordinary things

She cannot boast of silver 

and gold

She can only boast about 

her love for Papa

As I hang on the weighty words 

that flows from her mouth

I know she has been where 

few have tread 

Once you have tasted true Love

You will never be satisfied without 

it again

Behind the veil where dead daughters dwell

Papa is clothing His sons 

and daughters with His identity

You don’t have to ask who 

they are

It is seen all over them

They are infused with a supernatural love and peace

Obtained through obedience and abandoning themselves

Hell could not stop them

Religion could not blind them

They are coming out

of the wilderness

With the heart of their Beloved beating through them!

Ready to change atmospheres wherever they go!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Atmosphere Changers