He Will Quiet Us With His Love

Priceless lessons we have learned on this journey of love we’re on

Many tests we have passed, yet 

there’s still much to learn

We surrender each time 

Papa asks us to trust Him

We know that He knows best

We see in part, He sees 

the complete picture 

We can see Father’s 

hand alive in our lives

Where would we have been 

If He didn’t call us out of 

our hiding places

Our caves

Our comfort zones

The best decision was when we answered when He called 

Turning our backs on our old ways of doing things  

To go on a journey with Papa

We left the safety of the familiar

To meet with Him on the 

open seas

Not a clue of what was 

waiting in the unknown

As waves crashed over us

Leaving us tired and 

confused at times

Our eyes were fixed on our Father

An urgency in our hearts

To embrace this set apart,

sacred time with Father

Away from all eyes, strenuous training we went through

Life as we knew it

was left in the past

We came face to face with every issue we tried to hide

Every character flaw was brought in the open 

Every habitual sin was highlighted

Dealt with and forgiven

We could not let this opportunity of growth and change pass us by

We had to let go of so many things that once held our gaze

Perfectionism was out by the door when we faced our hurts and worked through our pain

We didn’t have to hide behind polished cars and floors anymore

Our hearts tasted freedom

Our masks were removed

When we discovered how deeply 

we were loved

Timid, scared and broken

You found us

Courageous, confident, fearless

We have become through 

our journey of love

Our guilt and pasts now testimonies of Your grace

You have a habit of taking 

the least of us

And restoring us into reflections 

of Your heart

Steeper the waves have become

Crashing over us from all directions

Yet now we are prepared

Calling other sons and daughters 

to run with us on waves

We know the One who 

calms the storms intimately

He is our Prince of Peace

He will quiet us with His love 

as we go deeper with Him!

~ Ebigale Wilson

He Will Quiet Us With His Love

The Journey